Improve the wellbeing of your organisation

We help our clients to make lasting improvements to their management of drug-related harms.

Responsible cannabis

We help companies to develop solutions to cannabis-related issues.

Education thriving success

We combine expertise in neuroscience, research and education to improve how organisations tackle drug-related issues.


We combine cutting-edge knowledge in neuroscience and human behaviour to help our clients.


Our talented, interdisciplinary team finds the best solutions to the most challenging problems.

Socially responsible

We always look for solutions to achieve the greatest benefit for your organisation at large.

What we can offer you

Staff training

Equip your employees with the necessary tools.

Policy writing

Adapt your policies to an ever-changing environment.


Get to know your organisation in depth.

Policy revision

Let the fine print in the hands of experts

What they say about us

Thanks so much for this session. I must say this is the first workshop they are actually engaged with. These students are often very rude and they tell facilitators that they are getting bored. You guys have managed to grab their attention and teach them important information on alcohol and drugs.

Jamila Benhaddouch from Westminster Kingsway College