The first phase of our project with Leeds University Union (LUU), which is a survey to understand drug use at University of Leeds, was completed and the results look exciting!

The survey reached 3,233 students of which 2,548 responses were analysed. The results gave us insights into drinking, smoking, vaping, and use of other drugs among students covering areas such as polydrug use, drug dependence and harm reduction.

Areas for targeted intervention and education regarding student welfare and support services were highlighted by the survey with the majority of students favouring harm reduction and unbiased, practical advice from their university. The results also suggested ways of improving the engagement between students and university regarding drug use.

Insights obtained from this survey are used to create a tailored and effective campaign plan, which is the second step of this project. Watch this space for further updates!

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Students were asked whether universities should take an approach focused on harm reduction. They moved a slider bar to show how much they agreed with this question. The resulting graph is skewed to the right, which indicates that most students agreed with this statement, with the emphasis being on “strongly agree”.