Leeds University Union & Alcohol and Other Drugs Education Consultancy: Project Overview

Leeds University Union, with the support of ADEC, have been busy paving the way in alcohol and other drugs management amongst university students. Working closely with the Leeds University Union Welfare officer, Matt Port, we aim to develop a more positive and progressive attitude towards alcohol and other drugs related issues. Importantly, Matt Port’s manifesto has promised to focus on safer practice of drug use, if it is to occur, looking at 4 main areas specifically: Facilitate open conversations about…

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Should universities take an approach focused on harm reduction?

The first phase of our project with Leeds University Union (LUU), which is a survey to understand drug use at University of Leeds, was completed and the results look exciting! The survey reached 3,233 students of which 2,548 responses were analysed. The results gave us insights into drinking, smoking, vaping, and use of other drugs among students covering areas such as polydrug use, drug dependence and harm reduction. Areas for targeted intervention and education regarding student welfare and support services…

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Leeds University Union for Safer Drug Use

An exciting project has just started at Leeds University Union (LUU)! ADEC is working closely with LUU to support safer drug use. Matt Port, the Welfare Officer at LUU, is opening up the conversation about student drug use in campus and seeking interventions to improve students’ welfare regarding alcohol and drug use. The first phase of the project is to better understand drug use on campus. Based on previous experience and research, ADEC has developed a survey that is being…

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