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adec provides support for organisations willing to reduce alcohol- and drug-related harm.

Our past projects include policy reports, research, private events, branding and workshops.

Our Projects

Street Lottery: An Investigation into the Impact of Street Cannabis on Mental Health

Paul North examines the implications of the cannabis black market and its consequences in mental health. He proposes practical solutions to implement a safe and responsible system of regulation in which mental health is a key priority. Read more →

University drug use survey 2017

This report shows the results from our initiative’s drug university survey, which aimed at investigating whether drug-related services and information provided by universities in the UK reflect students’ needs. The data obtained from this survey contributed to UCL’s Student’s Union report: Heads Up: Let’s talk mental health together. Read more →

Alcohol and Drug Education Workshops

Our award-wining initiative delivered workshops about the science of alcohol and other drugs at some London schools. The project was proven to have a great impact on students and their understanding of substances. Read more →


Calculating Alcohol Solutions: an Integrative Intervention for Secondary Schools

In this research work, Ivan Romano explored how to make the chemistry primary school curriculum more impactful and engaging in collaboration with pedagogists and didactic experts. The study presents innovative activities that combine an understanding of chemical solutions with alcohol awareness. Read more →

Icelandic Youth

In this report, Paul North investigates in depth the Icelandic drug prevention model. He suggests ways in which other countries in Europe could adopt this model to reduce drug-related harms in the youth. Read more →



Our Initiative: Harm Reduction for the Youth

Our initiative, drugsand.me, aims at reducing short and long term drug-related harm in young people. The content and tone were tailored towards a young population and, through research and analytics, the site is constantly updated. The aesthetics were designed to appeal a young audience. The initiative has quickly being adopted by young people and the traffic of the site grows at a constant rate. Read more →

Ketamine for the Treatment of Addiction: Evidence and Potential Mechanisms

In this research literature review, Ivan Romano explores the preliminary evidence that suggests that ketamine may be effective in addiction as well as the underlying biological mechanisms. This work contributes to ground-breaking research conducted in new treatments for addiction. Read more →


News & Opinions

Calls for widespread survey into British cannabis after findings in Manchester research

Paul North for BBC about the cannabis report. Read more →

What think tank VolteFace told Leeds audience about reforming cannabis legislation

Article covering Paul North’s talk at Leeds University. Read more →

Drugslab: high times on YouTube

Paul North for The Times about the dutch show, Drugslab. Read more →

Why Are Universities So Scared to Talk About Drugs?

Our University Drug Survey featured in Vice. Read more →

We Know Almost Nothing About How “Study Drugs” Are Used By Students

Paul North for BuzzFeed about study drugs. Read more →