Our initiative: Harm reduction for the youth

Drugsand.me: Your harm reduction guide to safer drug use.

drugsand.me was co-founded by some of our team members when they were at university in the UK. They realised about the lack of drug education and how this resulted in reckless behaviour by their peers. The website provides accessible, objective and comprehensive guides to help reduce the short and long term harms of drugs. Soon after their launch, the concept attracted attention of the media and top-scientists in drug research. The traffic and reach of the website continues growing steadily.

In creating the content for drugsand.me every effort is made to use evidence-based sources. However, this is not always possible as scientists do not have all the answers. Therefore to provide comprehensive guides we must also resort to using resources that are not rigorously peer-reviewed. When this is the case, multiple sources are cross-verified to provide the most accurate possible information and the reader is notified of the anecdotal nature of the evidence. For this reason referencing our sources is very important as it allows their beneficiaries to explore the evidence we present, distinguish between sources and read further.

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